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It's almost time for Autumn Seafood!

We're just like everyone else on a sunny summer afternoon: we crack open a couple dozen oysters for the table, and then dive into a feast of chilled Dungeness crab and Geoduck ceviche. But, one of our favorite times of year to experience these salty delicacies is just around the corner! 

We still enjoy our fair share of raw oysters, and chilled shellfish throughout the autumn months, but we also start to crave warmer, heartier recipes this time of year. Simple changes like grilling your oysters, instead of eating them raw, or try dipping crab in hot melted butter and using a geoduck for home-made clam fritters (drool...) to really set the tone!

These simple recipe tricks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fall seafood recipes.

Check out our easy dungeness crab recipe here

OR our simple steamed manila clams here

We hope you savor those last chilled bites of summer shellfish as we shift into September.

And here's to the cozy season ahead!

- The Neptune Seafood Crew - 

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